Construction of a 100% solar roof in Brittany

The partnership between Maison de l’Avenir, Terre Solaire and GSE Intégration has resulted in the ecological and efficient construction of an autonomous house in Brittany. To achieve this, the house builder Maisons de l’Avenir worked with Terre Solaire for the installation of the photovoltaic panels and with GSE Intégration for the optimised integration system for photovoltaic panels, the GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM. 

Strong partnership for GSE Intégration in new build in the UK

GSE Intégration has partnered with HBS New Energies, the UK’s leading independent new build solar specialist and JA Solar, a global leading manufacturers to offer the Complete In-roof Solar solution to help housing developers to deliver zero carbon ready homes. The Future Homes Standard will dramatically increase the requirements of solar and therefore the need for more powerful, versatile solar systems.