No room on the roof?
Put the panels in the garden!


Photovoltaic module ground fastening system

Functional, lightweight, aesthetic and quick to install

  • This GSE Intégration ground-installation innovation is an alternative to the problem of the non-feasibility of a roof installation.
  • Developed for the residential market, it has now found its place in service sector and agricultural self-consumption installations up to a hundred or so kWp.
  • No administrative formalities are necessary as it less than 1.8 m high.

Main advantages of a
GSE Ground system

It is fitted as portrait for reduced size in any type of ground or garden.

Quick to install

• Simple and safe to install, in less time and with fewer installation costs.
• The floor installation allows it to be installed by all trades.
• Its robustness and galvanised steel design make it a product designed perfectly for quick and reliable use.
• Two fixing solutions:
      ➜ Fixing on Z bar
      ➜ Fixing on rail mounting


The portrait ground fitting system is compatible with 95% of framed photovoltaic panels, in any width.


  • Resolves roof space problems
    ➜ Portrait installation for reduced dimensions
  • Adjustable inclination from 7° to 40°.
  • Ballast system: sand, gravel, cement, concrete slabs … (weight without ballast : 8 kg / module).
  • Material: galvanized steel
  • Compact and light weight
  • 100% Recyclable

Watch fitting video

GSE GROUND SYSTEM installation