About us

European leader in roof-mounted and
-integrated photovoltaic panel systems

GSE Intégration was created in 2010 and developed within the Groupe Solution Energie, a specialist in solar solutions. Since 2018, it has been a subsidiary of the TERREAL Group, a specialist in roofing and terracotta products for over 150 years.

Since 2010, GSE Intégration has been designing, manufacturing and distributing photovoltaic panel fastening and integration systems Born within the Groupe Solution Energie, GSE Intégration has developed an innovation culture based on the on-the-ground needs of solar professionals and users.
The TERREAL Group has been a joint shareholder of GSE Intégration since end 2018.
It provides it with support in its development and its knowledge of the roofing world.

625 million euro



employees worldwide

33 production sites

including sixteen in France

European leader

in terracotta tiles

Totally European
design and manufacture

We are driven by the need to supply our customers with the most innovative products best suited to the needs of use, efficiency and implementation with the best economic optimisation.

The constant quest for innovation is the driving force behind our teams.

Ten-year warranty and European
technical certifications

Our partners

GSE Intégration has developed connection systems with the main roof window manufacturers for simple, aesthetic integration of roof windows in the photovoltaic field.

GSE Intégration is master distributor of Enphase Energy in France.

Enphase Energy is a Californian company specialising in residential solar technologies and world leader of micro-inverters. We have made this choice of excellence to offer solutions constantly that are clean, affordable, reliable, safe and accessible to all.

Additional, effective collaboration between GSE Intégration and Enphase Energy since 2014 in France and Europe has resulted in GSE Intégration marketing Enphase solutions to its customers in the French residential market. GSE Intégration is master distributor of Enphase Energy in France.

The IQ micro-inverters and storage systems are an integral part of the Home Energy Solution.

When interviewed during the 2019 Be Positive Salon, Théophane Delaloy,
GSE Intégration Sales and Marketing Director spoke of the partnership and the reasons
that have united these two leading brands in the residential market.

A team on the same wavelength as you!

Our approach is pragmatic and field-orientated.

GSE Intégration is a dynamic technical and commercial team
bolstered by a Design Office with seven engineers.

Our team is committed to developing energy independence.

Every day instructors, technicians and sales representatives assist and advise you both in France and abroad.

With an ear to the ground and customer-focused, we offer you solutions adapted to the needs of each project.