Since our creation, we have been committed to supporting concrete actions in favor of the environment and biodiversity. This is why we are happy to come back on two actions for which we are committed and which took place during the summer.

The Pelagos Expedition

This month-long adventure aimed to cover nearly 600 km by kayak in the Pelagos Sanctuary in Corsica, while collecting as much plastic waste as possible along the way. Alban, his team and volunteers from local associations collected the waste along the way on the beaches where Alban landed.

In the end, this expedition is :

  • 3,662 kg of waste collected (including 650 kg during the kayak trip)
  • More than 1,359 people gathered to collect the waste
  • Approximately 600 km covered by kayak through the Pelagos Sanctuary

The adventure doesn’t stop there as a book about the expedition and the problem of plastic pollution and our way of consuming will be released soon, as well as a short film.

Follow Alban on these social networks to discover what will be his next adventure, one thing is sure we will be there.

« Un toit pour les abeilles »

With “un toit pour les abeilles”, we became the happy sponsors of Donatien’s hive, a beekeeper in Seine Maritime, just next to our warehouse. This sponsorship has several meanings for us. It is a commitment to the preservation of biodiversity, as well as a concrete action for the promotion of French products and know-how.

We cannot ignore the sharp decline in the bee population. This is very worrying because of the ecological importance of bees, as they allow the reproduction of more than 80% of plant species and the production of more than three quarters of the world’s crops. This decrease in the bee population is accompanied by the loss of our French know-how.

In France, the profession of beekeeper is passed on from generation to generation, we have a real know-how in this field and are able to produce a high quality honey that respects biodiversity. Thus by becoming a sponsor we support a sustainable and responsible French production.