Gain purchasing capacity while doing something for the planet, by opting for a photovoltaic installation on your house as soon as it is built


Faced with the challenges of protecting the planet and reducing the carbon footprint, building energy-independent housing takes priority.

The solar roof, which is cost-effective per square metre at the time of construction and generates purchasing power from the first day of use, plays an important role in the design of buildings.

With our GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM, the solar module becomes an integral part of the building’s roof and a multifunctional construction element, together with the building’s architecture and the roof’s aesthetics. Solar energy is then the main source of green and local electricity in residential buildings.

Thanks to your solar roof,

produce fixed-price electricity for your own consumption



Gain in purchasing power

the installation of a photovoltaic system on your new house, financed over 25 years, will generate additional monthly purchasing power from the first day of its delivery.

Give value to your dwelling

an energy-independent house sells for 15% to 20% more

Produce and consume

your own green energy. Take over control of your energy!

Free yourself from constraints!

Be partly independent from your energy supplier and not suffer the annual increases in full.

Do something concrete

for future generations. Be proud of yourself!


Offer ENERGY INDEPENDENCE from now and respond to the new environmental needs of your customers.

An accessible self-consumption photovoltaic solution that brings immediate ecological and cost savings.


Why do Europe’s leading builders use the GSE IN-ROOF system to integrate photovoltaic panels on their constructions?


You choose the solar module and we'll integrate it into the roof!
GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM is compatible with most solar panels on the market and can be fitted on all roofs, even the most technical, following best practices.

Resistant and long-lasting

The integrated GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM has been designed to offer the same resistance and longevity as normal roof coverings like tiles, slates or zinc.
GSE Intégration benefits from the know-how of its parent company TERREAL which consolidates over 150 years of experience in roof coverings.
See the certifications

The most competitive fitting system

Solar panels installed instead of tiles using GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM are more cost-saving that an overlay solution and even certain construction materials.
The roof construction cost no longer includes the price of tiles and overall fitting time is shortened.

Irreproachable aesthetics

GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM can be used to construct a roof equipped directly with solar panels, keeping its architecture and aesthetics with no surplus thickness.

The possible layout of the panels in portrait or landscape format allows flexibility of installation for all your projects.


The excellent watertight efficiency under severe pressure from wind and rain and low roof pitch has been validated by the most demanding certifications in Europe. See the certifications.
Over 4,500,000 m2 of solar panels installed worldwide during the past ten years confirm the perfect watertightness and robustness of the structure.

Ventilated system that optimises energy production

The exclusive, patented GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM design allows the air to circulate which prevents panels from overheating and optimises electricity production.

Ventilation is provided by an air gap of at least 10 cm between the sub-roof screen and the module.

Flame retardant

A house equipped with integrated solar panels is just as protected against fire as if it had a tiled roof. The Warrington Fire laboratories based in Belgium have validated the fire resistance of the GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM. The system has undergone all the tests in force according to the different configurations necessary for construction in France, Belgium, Netherlands and United Kingdom.

Quick to install

This Plug & Play system is easy to implement. Its initial design by installers for installers has brought to the building integrated market the most used solution in Europe today.