Advantages of the offer

Installing the GSE AIR’SYSTEM can save up to 40% energy in heating domestic hot water and increase photovoltaic generation by 10%.

The following three GSE AIR’SYSTEM functions allow for totally peacefully living:

  • heating indoors a large part of the day,
  • obtaining purer, healthier air in the house,
  • cooling indoors to ensure comfort at night during the summer.

This exclusive, patented and certified solar air supply ventilation system recovers the air from underneath the solar panels, thereby cooling the photovoltaic panels constantly and generating up to 10% extra electricity.

The latest version of GSE AIR’SYSTEM is equipped with an air purifier that eliminates 99% of allergens found in the recovered air.

energy savings

How does it work?

GSE AIR’SYSTEM can recover the heat behind the photovoltaic panels for heating or domestic hot water purposes (Thermodynamic tank/Heat pump/Heat recovery CMEV) or other professional purposes such as drying cereals, for example. In addition, evacuating the heat cools the panel and thus increases the electricity production of the installation.


This compact system is installed underneath roofs, in converted or unused loft space, and is connected to the CMEV system and ceiling-mounted distribution and recovery terminals installed in the dwelling.


  • A wireless ambiance controller handles the smart heating function in the house.
  • Temperature and air filtering can be controlled precisely and instantaneous via the Cloudigo Internet platform.

The GSE Connected Solutions application is used to:

  • control and know precisely the operation of the aerovoltaic installation.
  • Visualise the energy production in conjunction with the MyEnlighten application.
  • Control the GSE E’Connect sockets to programme the equipment in the house (washing machine, tumble dryer, etc.)

A simple Internet connection via CPL is enough to recover the data and is entirely free.

GSE Connected Solutions


Is installed with GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM

Technical characteristics and installation:

Fonctions :

Contents of kits:

Heating the house.

Cooling at night in summer.

Improving electricity production.

Air filtering for healthier air.

Choice of eight kits depending on the number of panels (6, 8, 12 or 18 panels) and the diameter of terminals 5 (125 or 160 mm), as per parts lists attached.