GSE In-Roof Integration System


GSE IN-ROOF is a mounting system, allowing the building integrated installation of standard solar panels on new builds or roof-renewal properties. The system has the advantage that it fits with most of solar PV panels available on the market.
With more than 4.000.000 m² installed in the world GSE Integration kit is, to date, the most cost efficient in-roof PV system on the market.
The GSE BIPV system and its new design, now sizes and covers the productive roofs of the new constructions and confirms its leadership position in the UK, the Netherlands and France.

This new expansion of our MCS 012 certification is the latest step in the ongoing certification of the leading BIPV product in Europe. The certification is now being expanded to cover two new PV modules and to achieve a maximum design wind uplift resistance of 2,71 kPa.
This perfectly complements the numerous tests carried out in France, where in its country of origin, the system has been certified by the highest French building recognition, CSTB’s Technical Appraisal (ATec) since 2016.

GSE In-Roof GSE In-Roof

GSE IN ROOF SYSTEM gives you the possibility to choose modules benefiting new technologies that suit the best your projects and integrate them in the roof in portrait or landscape.
Developed by installers for installers, the mounting system offers sizeable advantages:

  • Easy to install: 3 to 6 kW system installed in 1 day
  • Lightweight (2 to 3 kg/m²) and easy to transport
  • Completely waterproof: ensures complete water tightness of the PV system and the roof
  • Flexible: achieve any desired configuration type (U-Shape, pyramid, etc)
  • Specific flashings developed for the technical needs of the different markets
  • Mechanical shock resistant (injected polypropylene is the material used in the aeronautics and automotive industries)
  • Very important mechanical resistance: Pressure: 5400 Pa (IEC 61215) Depression: up to 2710 Pa (MCS012)
  • The most optimized ventilation of the BIPV to meet the maximum production needs of the PV plant.


VELUX Solar Integrator ODL, a fruit of the long-term partnership with VELUX is the solution enables a seamless installation of VELUX roof windows with a GSE IN-ROOF system.
The low-profile flashing perfectly connects to GSE IN-ROOF system allowing for optimal roof utilisation and ensures full utilisation of the solar panels and maximum generation of energy.
By integrating VELUX roof windows with GSE IN-ROOF solar system, you not only make your home more sustainable by powering it with solar energy but also create a more comfortable and healthier indoor climate, full of daylight and fresh air.

Integrate a FAKRO skylight into the system of your choice. FAKRO has developed a bracket that provides a seamless join with the GSE IN-ROOF PV mounting system. You can decide where you want your FAKRO skylights to fit into the PV combination. The FAKRO PV solution can be installed on both new builds and renovation projects. The system’s measurements have been adapted to typical PV panel sizes, so it will fi t into the whole roof system seamlessly. We can also provide bespoke solutions if you have special requirements.

Roto roof window integration with the GSE assembly system is the ideal sustainable combination allowing lower energy bills and a healthy indoor climate. The safe and simple connection to Roto GSE flashings guarantee a 100% water-tight system. Roto offers flashings and pieces of connections for roof windows in all RAL colors, so you can customise your own roof! Free choice of roof window type and control mechanism..

GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM has established itself on the French BIPV market for 10 years and then worldwide for all these reasons.
Test it in the aesthetic renovation projects or to respond in the most economical way to the new constructions.

To try it, is to adopt it!

GSE Intégration Presentation 2020