Velux Solar Integrator

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The new roof window connection system, VELUX Solar Integrator, allows a simple and attractive integration between VELUX roof windows and the GSE IN ROOF system integrated into the roof.
This is the ideal solution developed between VELUX and GSE to guarantee a natural production of solar energy and a healthy indoor climate without wasting resources.

VELUX Solar Integrator connects seamlessly with the GSE IN ROOF SYSTEM for framed photovoltaic panels, allowing for optimal use of the roof, both indoors and outdoors. The solution fits easily on all roofs, which means no sun spots are wasted on the energy needs of the home, while natural light and fresh air through the roof windows create healthy living spaces. So far, the combination of rooftop and rooftop solar installations has not always been easy. Homeowners have generally favored solar panels or roof windows, alone or with clumsy compromises. VELUX Solar Integrator is an aesthetic solution that meets the needs of homeowners for energy, natural ventilation and light.
All the necessary accessories are available for sale at VELUX and GSE Integration stores.