Ground-fixing system for framed photovoltaic modules.

Functional, lightweight, attractive and quick to install, this GSE innovation is the solution when roof fixing is not feasible.

  • Compact portrait installation.
  • Compatible with all ground types.
  • Reduced installation time and costs.
  • Simple and safe to install.
  • Compatible with all types of modules.
  • Steel guaranteed 30 years.
  • Supplied in kit form. 100% recyclable.

Perfect for consumption, it is sold in kit for 2 to 6 modules and is intended for several types of applications ( PV Installation supplement , consumption, flat roofs and gardens) .
Its size less than 1.80m allows it to not require any administrative formality !

The GSE GROUND SYSTEM was designed to allow the laying of the ground 95% of photovoltaic modules squared of all widths . Its strength and 30 year material warranty make it a perfectly designed product for speed and reliability of use.